Documentation Specialist

Job Duties

  • Creates documentation that meets the regulatory requirements before distributing through the company to implement
  • Working closely with colleagues across other departments to ensure that everyone is completing and submitting the necessary documentation
  • Acting as a point of contact for retrieval of specific documentation as required
  • Write, review, and update the SOPs relating to documentation collection and storage
  • Keeps up to date with the regulatory requirements around documentation and implements changes if necessary
  • Analysis of data submitted via documentation
  • Compilation of reports
  • Deal with long-term storage of information and data protection
  • Participation in internal audits and external regulatory inspections
  • Training of colleagues on the requirements around documentation
  • Revising outdated documents and ensuring that all staff are using the correct version

Skills & Qualifications

  • Degree in Communications or related field
  •  Proficiency with scanning and administrative tools
  •  Outstanding organizational skills
  •  Can multitask with minimal supervision
  •  Keen to details
  •  Excellent written and verbal communication
  •  Good interpersonal skills

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