CAD Drafter

To prepare accurate estimates for projects by gathering information and analyzing important metrics, then use technology to help generate designs for complex projects. These designs may be used to create 2D images, a process known as surface modeling, or 3D images, or solid modeling. CAD Drawer must have strong computer skills and extensive knowledge of design software.

Job Duties

  • Conceptualizes and generates 2D and 3D designs of the product using CAD software
  • Works with the product development team in preparing CAD drawings
  • Prepares design materials for project presentation
  • Communicates with all project personnel for client requirements and project progress
  • Develops and improves the design of existing packaging components
  • Determine key variables for cost and other estimates.
  • Create and submit estimated reports or quotes to appropriate persons (project managers, clients, contract administrators, etc.)
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders (subcontractors, suppliers, clients, etc.)

Skills & Qualifications

  • At least 2-5 years of working experience in the related field is required
  • With competent knowledge and hands-on experience with 3D/2D Designs
  • Can effectively communicate and interact with machine operators and engineers
  • Has basic know-how on plastic types, mold, and tooling
  • Proven experience as an estimator or similar position in the construction industry.
  • Familiarity with financial and project management principles.
  • In-depth knowledge of research and data analysis methods & estimation formulas.
  • Excellent in math and IT, and with an analytical mindset.

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