Quantity Surveyor

To take responsibility involved in all phases of a facility’s lifecycle such as feasibility, design, construction, extension, refurbishment, maintenance, and demolition. The competencies of quantity surveyors are aimed at producing constructions that meet the client’s value. system.

Job Duties

  • Working with the client at various stages of the process as well as other consultants
  • Preparing cost reports and presenting them to the client
  • Overseeing tendering process, pre-qualification stage, tendering lists, preliminaries, analysis, reporting and compiling contractual documentation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost estimates and planning
  • Contract Administration

Skills & Qualifications

  • Experience in Quantity Surveying or Construction Management
  • 2 – 3 years Mechanical Engineering background
  • Strong experience in project environments
  • Commercial QS – variations, valuations of variations, agreement of star rates, cost valuation
  •  Excellent communication and ability to influence outcomes in the best interest of the project.

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