Technical Support Representative

Maximizes computer system capabilities by studying technical applications, making recommendations.

Job Duties

  • Evaluates system potential by testing the compatibility of new programs with existing programs
  • Achieves computer system objectives by gathering pertinent data; identifying and evaluating options; recommending a course of action
  • Confirms program objectives and specifications by testing new programs; comparing programs with established standards; making modifications
  • Improves existing programs by reviewing objectives and specifications; evaluating proposed changes; recommending changes; making modifications
  • Evaluates vendor-supplied software by studying user objectives, testing software compatibility with existing programs
  • Must be able to place software into production by loading software into computer; entering necessary commands
  • Must be able to place into production by establishing connections; entering necessary commands
  • Prepares references for users by writing operating instructions
  • Maintains historical records by documenting software changes and revisions
  • Maintains client confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential

Skills & Qualifications

  • Problem Solving, Process Improvement
  • Presenting Technical Information
  • Software Maintenance & Testing
  • Load Balancing and Scalability
  • Software, Network, Database Performance Tuning

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