Why the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines has been happening since 1992 – that’s nearly 30 years that foreign companies have been outsourcing their needs to the Philippines.

The Philippine government established a special economic zone to support outsourcing, in 1995. Since then, many hundreds of more outsourcing companies have built business operations in the Philippines, and now collectively employ over 1.4m people.

Cost efficiency

Businesses can save up to 60% to 80% of operational costs, the daily salary of talented Filipino professionals are lowered than the hourly salary of an employee in Australia, Europe, or the US. This gives the Philippines a big advantage to be able to offer such services.

Cultural compatibility

Filipinos are highly adaptable to foreign cultures. Hospitality is an integral part of the Filipino culture this plays as a major factor to why Filipinos are easy to socialize and work with for foreign companies.

English proficiency

Around 70% of Filipinos are fluent in English, as most children learn the language due to their schooling curriculum-making English proficiency as part of their formal education. The sixth edition of EF’s English Proficiency Index ranked the Philippines in 13th place for English proficiency worldwide. The country ranks third in Asia, bested only by Malaysia and Singapore.

Highly skilled & flexible workforce

Every year, local universities and colleges produce an addition of 500,000+ to the pool of skilled and qualified professionals. As per experts, the Philippines will continue to benefit from this young and talented workforce in the coming years. Beyond just resulting in an abundant supply of manpower, the statistics also amount to a highly educated workforce boasting a literacy rate of 97.5%

Time zone neutral

The Philippines workforce is highly geared towards 24/7 coverage, regardless of your company’s time zone the Philippines can cover your time zone. There is still more than 60% of the outsourcing workforce in the Philippines that work the nightshift to cover US hours, equally rotating shifts and weekend cover are also very standard and accepted conditions.

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